Thursday, August 9, 2018


Today, Lezhin Comics, the largest paid comic platform in South Korea, is debuting its brand new website with a heavier focus on UI (User Interface). The new site includes a more comprehensive list of recommended titles generated by complex algorithms. These algorithms were specially designed to help reduce users’ time spent searching for titles in which they would have interest. The redesign also eliminates the categories, “Free” and “BL,”  preserving the “Ongoing,” “Ranking,” and “Sale” categories only, offering users a cleaner interface with lots of whitespace. The mobile app update reflects these changes, as well, keeping with a consistent branding.

Quote from Jay Jeon, President of Lezhin US: 
“With this new website redesign, we have completely reimagined how our users interact with the site. We made huge improvements in the user interface, giving it a more “Netflix” type feel, and made significant improvements in how we calculate recommendations for our users. We want our readers to spend less time searching and more time reading.”
With readership trends showing movement toward simpler content acquisition, Lezhin wants to lead the charge within the Korean Manhwa space. As well as the aesthetic improvements of more white space, simpler topical selection options, and fewer distractions, the readers will find the new Lezhin website to speak more directly to their personal interests. Previous iterations and competitor sites require manual interest selections, while the new Lezhin website learns the reader’s interests by studying their reading habits and automatically recommending titles.

Readers can see the new website at

Lezhin Entertainment: Founded in 2012 by Han Hee Sung, Lezhin Entertainment is the largest paid online comic platform in South Korea. Lezhin publishes comics primarily in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English. Some of their most popular titles include “Killing Stalking,” “The Lady and Her Butler,” “Sign,” and “He Does a Body Good.”

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