Thursday, May 31, 2018

One-Shot Spotlight: 1/3 NO KARESHI

Hanya! I haven't update this series in a while. Ever heard of adulting, fellow manga geeks? yep, I was kinda distracted with real life but anyway, I'm back for sanity purposes. 

On the One-Shot Spotlight this is week is a classic one-shot published years ago by Shimaki Ako. This precious one shot is about a cute and up-tight third year high school student named Fukuda Rei is pressured for not having a boyfriend despite being a third year.  Then suddenly, a handsome guy ask to take her photo and she said yes, unknowingly her underwear was showing. The handsome guy sort of blackmailed Rei to meet her in order not to spread the photo. They keep on meeting until Rei falls in love with the guys but there is something that guy is hiding. What is it?

I dare you again to read it! This is a classic one shot almost old manga reader (sorry for the lack of a better term, sometimes new readers/millenial readers, refer me as obaasan/ajumma already for being a reader/otaku/fangirl for a long time) Going back, you shouldn't miss reading this one, despite the cliche-ness of the plot, this one shot has it's own charisma that will drawn you to read, look, search for more to read.

I rate this one-shot 8/10 for old times sake.


Want more one-shot to read, you can search one shot on the search bar or go to this LINK.

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