Sunday, May 6, 2018

CloudProfessor Laboratory now on ACT | First I-o-T Labority in Visayas

Last April 26, 2018, ACER Philippines First ever CloudProfessor Lab in the Visayas and Mindanao powered by ACER officially opened at Asian College of Technology. It is Cebu’s first Internet-of-Things (I-o-T) laboratory.

Acer’s CloudProfessor is a starter kit that equips students with programming skills to design and build the Internet of Things (IoT). This super mini-computer has reduced learning difficulties and can teach basic coding and robotics.

Programming has always been difficult to approach for learners new to the field with CloudProfessor, it gives everyone the opportunity to see how easy it can be to design the next great invention.

Acer CloudProfessor gives the option of choosing between a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, as well as Blockly, which provides younger learners with the visual interface they need to start innovating in the new Internet of Things era.

ACER coordinated with ACT to realize its vision to help the students and community.

With I-o-T lab and cloud professor, students and professional may turn their ideas into something that may possibly help real-life problems and who knows, the next big thing in IT will be coming from Cebu. 

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