Friday, March 2, 2018

One-Shot Spotlight: Daisuki no Yukue

Reading manga is not just a good past time, as a manga reader for almost a decade now, it also serves as my stress reliever, my get-away from reality and inspiration as an aspiring writer.

I always encourage fellow fans to read the manga especially those anime series that was adapted but sometimes I get responses such as, it’s tiring to read. Therefore, this blog series is created. One-shot Spotlight is my mini-series where I will be featuring one-shot manga that deserves all the love and attention.

One way of starting the hobby of reading manga is to read one-shots because it will help you get used to reading from left to right, not only that, you will also appreciate how some mangaka’s are very creative to fit a very awesome story in short form with few pages only.

For the information of everyone, did you know that some major series ongoing today started out as a one-shot manga. Before they get serialized and became an official series, mangas such as Haikyuu, Koe no Kitachi and many to mention started out as a 50-pages more or less story.

So, for the first installment of this series, I proudly present DAISUKI NO YUKUE / ダイスキのゆくえ 

Daisuki no Yukue by Haruka Mitsui was published last December 10, 2014 and serialized by The Dessert.

The story is about a girl, member of the art club who sketches drawing for her club. The boys' volleyball team allowed her to draw them during games and practices as her art practice/project. She admires this one boy who happens to be her classmate too who shows a lot of effort in the volleyball team despite his height disadvantage, our MC was drawn to this hardworking boy. One particular senpai/upperclassman stops her from noticing other volleyball club member and just focus on him, it seems that this senpai likes our MC but who will she choose? Senpai or hardworking classmate? Perfect for the English alternate title, My Love Goes Where?

You go read it for you to know!

I’ve read all available manga online by Haruka Mitsui-sensei and would always be amazed how transitions is so smooth and art is just so pretty. The plot is kind of unique than any other shoujo one-shot. I always go back to this manga if I wanted to read something sporty and fluffy. It’s like Haikyuu with a very fluffy romance. Plus, the dialogues are pretty neat and cheesy.
My rating for this one-shot is 10/10.

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