Thursday, March 8, 2018

One-Shot Spotlight: Banken Hero

Another one-shot gem by Haruka Mitsui. It was published July 24, 2014, under Dessert.

The story is about a clumsy boy who is in love with a very strong independent girl. All he wants was to be a perfect hero who will be a perfect knight in shining armor to her princess. Unfortunately, her princess is not the typical damsel in distress and he, on the other hand, is clumsy could be mistaken as the damsel in distress.

So how will our main hero capture the heart of the main character?

It's for you to find out!

Same as what Daisuki no Yukue, the art is always amazing and dreamy but this time it has a bit of angst and dialogues are funnier than any other Haruka Mitsui's one-shot. The story transition was smooth you'd wish it was not just a one-shot.

My rating for this one-shot is 10/10

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