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Blast of Nostalgia, The Most Awaited Continuation | Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Episode 1 Review

20 years ago when the first episode of the most iconic magical girl in the anime world, Card Captor Sakura was aired on TV. New generation of otaku might need to watch all the episodes including the movies and ova or read the manga to get into the hype train. Every fans who was really into the anime years ago was very happy to see Sakura again. 

Sakura Kinimoto was just an ordinary fourth grader not until she opened a strange book and release dozens of magical cards. Keroberos, the Guardian of the Clow Card was also awakened and informed Sakura that it’s here responsibility to find and capture the missing cards. However, things are not that easy. Each card is a living, thing, with emotions and very powerful. She’ll have to learn to master her power as well as being a student which involves, school, family, friends and love. With the support of her friend Tomoyo and Li Shaoran who has a powers of his own too, must learn to use her newly awakened magical abilities to collect all Clow Cards and prevent bad things to happened. 


Two decades after the series and now the most awaited sequel is now on air. We now follow Sakura as a high school girl, having difficulties with her Math and English but will still be forever the athletic of them all. 

The Kinomoto Family

For those who grew up watching Sakura like me. As far as I can remember, Sakura always frantically getting ready for school because she overslept most of the time. On Clear Card, we can see how Sakura have matured. Fujitaka, Sakura’s father confirmed this maturity while preparing breakfast telling her that it wasn’t too long ago when she was wearing her Middle School Uniform. Touya, Sakura’s big brother is still a bully but God knows how concerned he is with her only sister. The roots of him being extra overprotective is that in the previous series, he gave his power to Yue and that he can no longer protect Sakura from afar. But I doubt it, FYI, new fans, Fujitaka is half of the reincarnation of Clow Reed, the one who created the Cards, thus the reason why Sakura was, let’s say, ‘chosen’ to capture all the Clow Cards in the first series. 

The Reunion with Li Shaoran

Sakura meets and reunited with Shaoran who’s back from Hongkong after school. It was full of nostalgia as the background song used was from the original series. 

The Conflict

After the most awaited reunion with our favorite OTP. Sakura dreamed of a cloaked figure. All the Sakura Cards turned into transparent and nobody was able to explained what is happening, even Yue or Eriol. On the second dream, Sakura was able to get hold of a new key. She then told Tomoyo and Shaoran about her dreams.

First Clear Card Appearance. 

It was Gale card who first appeared, attacking Sakura. With her new Key and new incantations, Sakura successfully secured Gale Card. 

Blast of Nostalgia.

Everything will just take you back from the first time you watched the series two decades ago. The voice actress/actors, the music, everything. The opening song is just everything, the animation is so familiar and Maaya Sakamoto is just perfect.

Animation of course has improved. Though, there’s this nagging feeling that there is a feel of rush unlike the previous series, kudos to all the writers and makers of Clear Card Arc. Production said that it will be a 26 episode series which is a bit short that the previous series but much better that no sequel at all. 


We can’t wait for more. You, what can you say about the pilot episode of Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card Arc? Are you also one of those who grew up watching this series before? Share your thoughts!

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