Friday, January 19, 2018

Anime Review: Just Because!

Just Because! is a 13-episode anime aired last Fall of 2017. It’s an original anime that falls into the genres of slice of life, drama, school, romance and a bit coming of age. The story revolves around 5 high school students. Third year, Mio Natsume, the former Student Council President with lingering feelings: Hazuki Morikawa, aloof trumpet player: Haruto Souma, the baseball maniac and Second year, Ena Komiya, a very determined girl who will do anything to keep her club, joining them in the last semester of the school year is our main protagonist, Eita Izumi, a transfer student who will have a big role in changing the the remaining days of their high school life.

As the school year ends, the Senior High School students are also getting ready for the next chapter of their life, graduation, college and work. Eita Izumi transferred even if it's really unusual to transfer when the school year almost coming to an end which he really doesn't mind due to his father's work. But it just happen that the recent transfer would be Eita's hometown which will rekindle the old flames not only hidden love but friendship as well. 

The series is very character-centric that's why there are part that's feels really off when this group of students are together. it focuses more on the character development of how these students struggles on their way to adulthood than having a very dramatic plot twist that could actually draw a lot of viewers, to be honest.

The overwhelming part is how the anime was presented per episode. It's very calm and pleasing. It's not pretending to be a romance-ish that needs lots of drama. The transition was smooth and dialogues are relatable. 

Since the story focuses on the characters, some people are quite not into some of the characters which I think is the purpose, for us not to like them because each of us has our own dilemma and pleasing everyone is impossible. Personally, I like every characters, each of them has their own motives. For example, Mio being genuine turned indecisive after meeting Eita again. Nevertheless, each of them are interesting.
Visual wise, Just Because! seems to be obsessed on showing the characters close up that you can tell every emotions whether the character is faking a smile, about to cry, lying or very happy. background music are good to listen. Let's not forget how awesome the opening song is sung by Yanagi Nagi titled Over and over. Ending is cool too. The never show a preview of the next episode, so very spoiler free. 

Overall, I would still recommend this series despite how remarkably common it was. It's not pretending to be unique but stayed being realistic and didn't go that far to spice things up. It will give you the right amount of excitement and never really that depressing. The ending is satisfying for me and that's what makes Just Because, Just Because one of the many series that became one of my memorable anime last season. 

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