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Spring Anime Recommendation 2015

Disclaimer: This post was originally posted in my first ever BLOG. Migrated it here to keep it organize. I was the one also made all the gif images. ha! those day.

Still looking for an awesome anime to watch this spring, rather, this dry season, if you are in the tropics? I may be able to help to help you on this entry!

My list is in alphabetical order and this is my first episode reviews as well! I was actually busy into reading mangas, updating my blog and reading other blogs when I encountered a facebook status about how good a spring anime pilot episode was. It was Ore Monogatari!!


This one is quite very unnoticeable at first but it has a solid plot! Kagami-sensei is now on my list of the Best Anime Sensei! Who wouldn’t love a teacher where in the first day of class, wrote an url on the board, ordered all the students to download and play a mobile game for the purpose of getting to know each other and you can also have an automatic perfect score if you beat him! Isn’t he cool?! 

And the students were like… 

But before that, he was actually a Physics genius in high school but after college he lost his interest in science and physics, turned down every research lab around the world and decided to become an anime blogger!

His sister applied him as a Physics Teacher in his high school alma mater because she is desperate to get him to do something. 

In the pilot episode, he helps an aspiring seiyuu/voice actress student being bullied. I really like how he explained the life of a seiyuu.

How dare you underestimate voice acting! Training school? There are more than a thousand of those all over Japan! Ten and thousands of rivals are born each year! Only a hundred or so can make a living as a voice actor. Become a star? One in a hundred thousand! That’s less than the chance of getting in a car accident within the next three days! Just because you have an above-average voice or can sing decently doesn’t mean you can become one! Voice acting is special. They are gods that breathe life into characters! – Kagami Junichirou

He really despises bullies that he can be a hero of justice! 

He also realized that he can love the teaching profession.

Art wise, it is very Zero no Tsukaima-ish (not really an expert on anime makers) but I can really see the resemblance of the two said animes.

I really look forward on the next and the future episodes. I really want to know if he can really pull off and continue the bad-ass, awesome teacher he was on the first episode.

I dare you to watch it and learn about how a hardcore otaku can be an awesome teacher! (I am merely an anime fan or maybe a weaboo of some sort)


I watched it together with my sister and our first impression was… K-ON?! And we both said that it was not!

It is an anime that involves musical instruments again! I love musical anime, so if you love this kind, watch it too. I just to don't like the shoujo ai part.
The story starts off in Kyoto Concert Hall where a Concert Band Competition is being held and time for announcing of winners, their uniforms are similar to K-on, hahaha, though, they didn’t win and the main protagonist was contented with the result but her bandmate Reina was very upset.
Now, the story revolves around Kumiko Oumae, now a high school, the one who were contended of not winning. 

She visits her high school brass band with her classmates, Hazuki and Sapphire. The last two decided to join while she hesitates because she sees Reina again. 

I will do this when I go to Japan~!

And I can see a ship sailing here~~! Kumiko X Shuuichi. LOL Its too early but it’s just my hunch! Shuuchi is also a band member just like her! Update as of 9/12/2017 or not! NO SHIP AT ALL

I’ll follow this series because I can see Free! (yeah, the swimming anime) with them, like Shuuichi, he looks like Mako-chan, Reina’s eyes is just like Rin’s, LOL, enough with the comparison. Seriously, I will follow this series because I want to see Kumiko grow up and accepts the fact that she hates to lose. I want to see them perform on Nationals and I want to see the Shuuichi and Kumiko’s ship progress!


I don’t know but I was smiling and laughing at the whole episode. Though, I could say that it was like Noragami (err, here I am again, comparing). It was less serious and by far very funny.

Mamiya Sakura is our heroine she can see ghost ever since she lost in the world of spirits (in my understanding) when she was still a child.

She really thought that something would change when she enters high school that she could finally get rid of her ability of seeing ghost but nothing changes.

At school, her seatmate who was absent ever since the term started finally showed up, the thing is, she is the only one who can see him, meaning he was a ghost. She saw him exorcising a spirit of a dog.

The day after that, he saw him again but in human form, Rinne Rokudou, was a healthy young boy. He actually suggested on offering to a small shelter/shrine at their school if you wish or need something. The fun part is, he was the one doing the odd jobs for the offerers if you just give him money. (Ah, I could remember Yato!) 

Rinne is actually a shinigami!

I recommend this series if you want laughs and ghost stories!


I first head of Ore Monogarari from a special chapter of Ao Haru Ride, a manga crossover. It was one hell of a funny chapter. Kou and Gouda switched souls. In that chapter, I saw a funny side of Kou because Takeo is a funny character. I said to myself after reading that particular chapter that I should look up and read it but I forgot and was preoccupied with my previous downloaded manga that should be read.

I didn’t know it was turned into an anime!

And seeing the first episode makes me want to ask more *Slaps self for not reading this masterpiece!*

This is one of my favorite from the Spring line up!

I really love Takeo’s character. Any girl would fall for him, except to those who are only looking for pleasing appearances. I can actually relate to Takeo a lot. I am also not the prettiest in the crowd but I do believe that each of us is unique and beautiful in our own ways. I am already through with the stage in where I get too insecure of all the girls around my age. I have learned that nobody can love you beyond your own imperfection aside from God but you, only you. As Whitney Houston’s famous song said. “Learning to love yourself it is the greatest love of all!” But enough with this topic, let’s go back to Ore Monotagari!!

I also love Suna too not because he is handsome as Kou but he is the type who are true to his self and true to Takeo. HAHAHA.

The heroine is so kawaii too.


One of the coolest in the spring line up. It has an awesome revenge plot. And this time, instead of loving the blood-sucking creatures, you will hate them after watching the pilot episode. I assure you, vampires here don’t sparkle!

I was teary eyed because heck, it was so tragic! The brutal killing wasn’t censored. Lotsa blood splashing.  

In this anime, humanity suffered from a deadly virus and children 13 and below were not infected or immune to the virus. Now, enter the vampire who turned the remaining human/children into slaves and literally, made them the blood source.

Hyakuya Yuuichiro (I love his emerald eyes!)  dreams of escaping from the hands of the vampires and killing them. Then they find a moment wherein they think they could actually escape but in truth a royal vampire lured them. And then, from his very eyes, he saw how his only family was killed, Mikaela helped him escaped but it cost him his life. It was so tragic.

The freaking preview looks so COOOL! Can’t wait to for the next episode!
My brother thinks that the fight scenes, the swords and the weapon seem so “corny” (What is the English equivalent of Corny?). LOL because It is normal and typical as he said but for me, it was cool though, I kinda predicted that his brother/best friend is alive!

Anyway, watch it guys, it is really awesome. 


This anime gave me the most emotional impact. The story has ‘meat’ in it. It helps me realize how life really is short-lived.

The story takes place in the future (yeah, sci-fi) where in robots/androids (Remember, Android 16 and 17 of DBZ?) that looks like human are in the trend. A certain company made a type of android that can actually have emotions, memories and synthetics souls, almost a human, called the GIFTIAS but they can only live for 81, 920 hours (grabs calculator…) more or less 10 years only! LOL. It’s 9 years and 4 months, said the anime but it’s odd so, I estimated, well, whatever.

So, this is where our story starts, when it is time for the life of the Giftias to end, the company’s terminal service are responsible of retrieving the Giftias back to the company to avoid glitches because apparently, when the life of Giftia expires their personality and memories disintegrate.

A newly hired employee of the Terminal Service, Tsukasa Mizugaki (the hero) teamed up the Isla (Ayla), a Giftia to retrieve expired androids but it is not that really easy. Heck, their work is the hardest!

And the FEELS TRIP comes… Some Giftia owners are hardheaded and won’t surrender their androids because of the emotional attachment/feeling that they have for their Giftia. It was a tearjerker!

But their works is a must!

I was actually ranting during the emotional part, like, if they can make an android with synthetics souls, why can’t they make a system or what that can extend the life of it, or they could actually make androids that can live longer than humans! Huh?!

And my sister was like, “Ate, hashtag, walang forever – Sis, hastag, there’s no such thing as forever.”

Well, better look forward for the next episodes. Let’s wish for a happy ending, okay?


At last, another food/gourmet anime!

If you want an eye candy anime, this one is for you! The food in this anime looks so delicious that I recommend bringing your own snack and food while watching it. I was really hungry after watching it. 

It was just a bit awkward that the reactions of the characters who tasted/ate the food of our Heroes are very ecchi, near to hentai, I guess. Hahaha! I mean, LOL, their reactions are too exaggerated they were like a lustful movie. Hahaha. I think it was unnecessary but it was the show’s trademark, their orgasm-like reactions, for short not wholesome at all, or my mind is polluted already? HAHAHA! 

Anyway, remember the reactions of Yakitate Japan whenever they taste a super delicious bread? It was exaggerated in a funny and wholesome way yet this one is funny and ….. hahahaha. 

The story is about Yukihira Souma who dreams of becoming a full-time chef in his father’s restaurant and enhance his culinary skills. He defended the restaurants from land sharks who wanted to take over their land, he actually won but his father decided to close their restaurant to cook in Europe leaving him alone but send him in the most elite culinary school in Japan. When they say ELITE? It is very elite that only 10% graduation rate! 

What we should look forward to is, will Souma survive in that top culinary school?



8. Nisekoi (Season 2)

9. Uta No Prince-sama Maji Love Revolution (Season 3)

Nisekoi is harem and UtaPri is a reverse harem, I am actually not into harem because I don’t like the idea of confusion of who’s going to end with whom. But both are good, fun and entertaining!


That for my favorite titles last Spring of 2015. Where did I find time making gifs before? Anyway, I hope this post could help those who are looking for titles they can watch. Let me know on the comments if you favorite anime made it on my list. 

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