Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I applied for “YOUR NAME” Anime Pilgrimage Tour

Disclaimer: This is a repost. Migrated it here from Normie BlogMigrated it here to keep it organize. This was posted last January 25, 2017.

The Anime Tourism Association  came up with “Cool Japan Collaborative Demonstration Project”  in cooperation with the Japanese government as part of its Cool Japan Initiative, which aims to promote products like fashion, food, manga and anime through the worldwide appeal of “cool” Japanese culture.

It’s an all-expense paid trip that will take foreigners to sites in Tokyo and Gifu Prefecture which the hit animated film, Kimi no Nawa featured!

As a fan of the anime I wouldn’t miss the chance even if it’s .00000001 % to be chosen. I haven’t posted my review with the film yet #adultingishard but I swear to all the falling stars how much I adore the film. It’s the best film last year!

When I saw the news on facebook, thanks to rocketnews24, I immediately applied. This may be the answer to my long time dream to go to Japan, however I am crossing my fingers but I am expecting that much. I swear there will be a lot of applications.
By the way, I applied online using this link: online application form

They are accepting applications from 20 January to 28 February 2017. So if you are also a huge fan of the film, submit your application now!

The purpose of this tour is to bring foreign tourists to personally experience and enjoy the interesting sites of Japan, and to provide insightful feedback for the facilitation of tourist transportation systems in the future. Therefore, it is recommended to watch the film before joining to get the most out of this tour.

Source: Yurukuyaru via Anime Tourism Association
Featured image: Your Name official website

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