Thursday, September 14, 2017

Geeky Eats: Kawaii Cafe | Japanese Cafe

Just a bit of break for all those series, minna. We cannot function without any food, right? Eating while watching anime or sipping a cold delicious drink while reading a manga maybe the best thing out there.

So in case you happen to visit the city I'm living at right now, I recommend Kawaii Cafe here in Cebu. It's an anime-themed cafe where you can ordered anime related drinks and watch anime on their large monitor.

Kawaii Cafe – Japanese cafe located at 40 Pantaleon del Rosario St, Cebu City, in front of USC Main just beside Albertos pizza. I am a Japanophile. I like Japan not only because of the anime or manga but I love it as a whole.

It’s on my top 3 list of country to visit. Cebu has a lot of Japanese tourist, it’s like there’s a part of Japan already in Cebu, including this anime-themed cafe.

Kawaii Cafe opened last August of 2016, Shunki-san and Aldan Cristino materializes thier plans of putting up a Japanese/anime themed cafe. The place needs lots of improvement but nonetheless, the homey feel is there.

Anime songs are playing on the background and there’s also anime shown on their TV. Guests can dress up in Japanese or anime costumes for free.

They offer a variety of drinks and smoothies and their best sellers are Oreo, Kitkat and Matcha smoothies. They also have coffee, price ranges fron 90-100php. They have a new set of fresh fruit slush drinks only for 75php to 85php! Namely Hentai, Senpai  and Oppai drinks

They also have meals. My favorite is the Pika Rice.

They also have the COOK-YOUR-OWN-TAKOYAKI.

One thing commendable is their free wifi for three hours, it’s quite fast, good for downloading or people working online. Kawaii Cafe is open for at 9:00am to 11:00pm. Let's go geek out at Kawaii Cafe!

For more information go to their page:  Kawaii CAFE – Japanese cafe

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