Sunday, September 17, 2017

Anime Review: Cardcaptor Sakura OVA | Sakura and the Two Teddy Bears

Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my beloved anime of all time. Thanks to our local channels here who decided to broadcast the anime. I don’t know about anything about the manga and whatnot because those forms of media seems hard to penetrate in our country on the past years, not until the age of internet, it wasn’t long ago, about 5 years I guess when I finished reading the manga.

Although, Cardcaptor Sakura is not the first anime I watched, it holds a special place in my heart ever since I was in fourth grade. I’ve watched a lot of mahou shoujo (magical girls) type of anime but Sakura is one of the cutest out there. Everything about Cardcaptor Sakura is pleasing to me. The manga ended almost 20 years ago. CLAMP did mention that they never intend to make a sequel at all.

20 years later, a sequel was announced! Imagine how happy I am hearing the news. A surge of nostalgia came in to me. The Clear Card Arc is one of the best things that happened last year in my otaku life. The anime is slated to air on Winter 2018.

When I found out that an OVA is on the making, I wasn’t sure how to feel at first? Will they follow the anime? Don’t get me wrong I also love the alternate endings from movie 2. But now we know, it was faithfully adapted from the final chapter of the manga itself and a prequel for the upcoming Clear Card Arc Anime.

Animation wise it was just pure high-quality art. Very light and striking.  I don’t really mind how modern the art of course it may have some differences from the art on the anime as it was on the 90’s, the Sakura vibe is there. Madhouse, thank you so much.

The main cast of the anime reprise their respective roles and it was just the most nostalgic part the OVA.

As for the plot, as I have mention earlier, they stays close to the manga, though, there were scenes that did not make it to the OVA (Rika and Chiharu scenes and more) but very unnoticeable not unless to hardcore fans. We have to bear in mind that it’s only more or less 20 minutes so I understand that they need to cut some scenes and include only the most relevant ones that are essential as the episode is a prequel for the upcoming anime.

Memorable scenes are definitely Syaoran and Sakura’s confession, the bus stop scene is very touching. Sakura and Syaoran’s reunion as the epilogue of the episode completes it all.

My personal rating would be 10/10 of course! Kudos for bringing the child back in me. So who’s excited for the anime next year? Let’s wait together fellow CCS fans!

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