Monday, August 28, 2017

Your Lie In April Live Action | Review and Feels

Your Lie in April or Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso Live Action film was released last year. It’s a story about a boy named Arima Kosei, a piano prodigy at a young age who always wins on all the piano competitions. Every child musicians knows him. But when his mother died, he had a mental breakdown and suddenly stops playing at the middle of a piano competition. The death of his mother has caused him not to hear music anymore even though his ears are perfectly fine. He psychologically acquired a hearing illness. Years later, she met the girl under the full-bloomed cherry blossoms who changed his life, Miyazono Kaori!

Kaori is a lively, pretty, free-spirited violinist who plays the way her personality reflects her. She made Arima played the piano again and led him back to the world of music and discovered that there is more to following every notes written on the score but rather playing by your heart on the stage being you.

This series has a very special place in my heart. I already poured my heart out writing a review about this when the manga ended and the anime series was still ongoing. I’ll be grabbing some points on my previous post but this will still be my impression with regards to the Live Action version.
The first frame of the anime and the live action are the same. It shows the blooming cherry blossom that gives off a very spring vibe, the season where the story starts.

I am not the type who compares from version to version. The manga is awesome in its entirety while the anime added surreal feelings. The live action itself is perfect in its own way. My goal here is just to point out the differences I have observed, it doesn’t reflect any views.

For me, the manga and anime has the most feels when it comes to love. I felt more love on manga and anime. In the live action I think it focuses more on the friendship. I think it was really hard to squeeze all the development that happened each character on the manga to the live action, so it’s really acceptable. I don’t know if the actors knew how to play but they are awesome on their instruments. It looks and feel so real.

Speaking of actors, I know how Yamazaki Kento is like everywhere, he’s been up to a lot of live action adaptation but I can’t get enough of him. One Yamazaki Kento, onegai. He’s a perfect Kosei. He played his character well.

With Kaori’s actress, Suzu Hirose, I thought that Kaori’s soul was with her. I’ve known her when she played one of my best heroine, Chihaya of Chihaya Furu. She’s a really versatile actress so no doubt she captured Kaori’s character well. Anna Ishii as Tsubaki is the bomb. She is like character straight out of the manga, the number, the character, her beauty is perfect. Taishi Nakagawa as Watari is awesome too. Hes handsome as Watari.

Overall, it was nonetheless a good adaptation even if some characters were not shown like Aizawa Takeshi and Emi Igawa. It brings the same lessons to me. Same sad feeling of how it ends. Same message it gives to the audience (or just my interpretation) which is to always be you. Play or do things with all your heart without minding the people around you, never do things half-heartedly because you will never know what might happen, what if the chances of redoing it will never come. Live everyday as if its your last day because you will never know what tomorrow brings. Cliché but its true. Do what you love, theres no excuse in doing what you really love. If theres a will, theres a way. No matter how frail your body is, even if your body is giving up but your mind and soul are pushing you, move forward.


I highly recommended Your Lie in April Live Action Adaptation not only for the fans of the anime but to everyone. Emotion stirring story!



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