Sunday, August 13, 2017


Hello, guys. Welcome to VI-GEEKY. I’d like to send my virtual hugs and thanks to all of you for taking your time to read and visit this blog. This blog is for all. Even if you are not a geek, everyone is welcome here. Whether you are bored and just looking for recommendations or a hardcore fan who wants a fellow fan to spazz with you. I am here ready to embrace you and welcome on the other side.


It was really hard to come up with a brand or a name for a blog. For starters, being a geek would always be associate with guys/gals wearing glasses with unfashionable clothes. Yes, I wore glasses, of course with prescription. The glasses I wore on the photo at the sidebar is just for fun.  

Vi-Geeky is a pun of BE GEEKY. Vi is my name and I believe I geek over a lot of things such as anime, manga, Korean drama series and whatnot.

A little history of the blog

If you happen to visit the ABOUT PAGE of this blog. This blog was born because I just randomly post something on my personal blog A SUNNY HAPPINESS. I want that blog to be a normie, personal and lifestyle blog but I really love sharing my geeking adventures so I decided to make this blog. I still can’t afford to self-hosted blog so this one is hosted by blogger.


My mission is to not only spread the Asian Pop Culture. I also want people to realize why I love these things, I want others to know the reason behind I we love them, why I geek over those things. I want to shout to the world who doesn’t know about these things how awesome and cool it is.


I want to help those are new to this culture. Those who are looking for reasons why a lot is in hype about a certain fandom. I want to help people who are aimlessly looking for recommendations online. And I hope in the future, as I post a lot of stuff here, I can say that I managed helped a lot of fangirl and fanboys, geek or not with my post.

Alright, so that’s it for this blog’s introduction. I hope to you’ll visit again guys. Having two blogs at once made me realize that  blogging is not only for the sake of having a blog. Having a blog requires time, effort and money! Not just taking those ‘blogger’ pose photos.

I would really appreciate it if you guys would leave a comment down below or subscribe to my mailing list or follow this blog and it’s official social media accounts.

Hai! Aja, Fighting! Please take good care of me. Yoroshiku onegashimasu!



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