Monday, August 28, 2017

SM City Cebu Cosplay Carnival Event Report | #SMCyberMonth

It's a whooping 50 cosplayers competed last  August 27, 2017 at SM City Cebu for Cosplay Carnival in celebration of Cyber Month.

One of the highlights of the event the advance screening of episode 6 of Safe Heaven--a low budget local TV series inspired by anime shows. Trailers of Overwatch, God of War, League of Legends and others are also shown before the main event.

Before the competition started, cosplayers strut their awesome costumes to mall goers at SM Cyberzone. Main theme of the event are video games characters.

Any Mobile Legends players out there?

The competition was hosted by Gary Montejo and Elizabeth von Kalm.

To finally starts the competition, Aquastaria--Love Live Sunshine Cosplay group rendered a super cute performance.

Junkrat from Overwatch

I know how it feels the annoyance of receiving notifications from this game on our FB messenger but look one fairy came to life from EVERWING during the event.

Out of 50 cosplayers who competed, the top 5 were chosen by judges.

5th Place: Richard Kean Leyson – Garland (Final Fantasy)

4th Place - Cheyenne Adamson – Mettaton (Undertale)

3rd Place - Kurk Mage Tan – Red Queen (Alice: Madness Returns)

2nd Place -  Paul Edgar Alfonte – Shay Patrick Cormac (Assassin’s Creed Rogue) and 1st Place - Bardge Restauro – Spider-Man (Marvel Future Fight) 


It was a good way to spend my Sunday as I was only buying essentials and food. I know there's a bunch of Cosplay Events going on around but wasn't expecting there was one on that day. Nonetheless, I enjoyed everyone's performance. Though, I wasn't able to get the good spot to take pictures and videos. 

 Personal favorites are the Everwing cosplayers, Junkrat from Overwatch and unexpectedly, there's someone who cosplayed Nino Arisugawa from Fukumenkei Noise. So that's it for my event report. See you guys on my next event escapade!

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